1. What happens when my alarm company calls ESI?
We will dispatch one of our officers to respond to your home or business. The ESI officer will inspect your property and assess the situation to determine if the alarm was false or if the authorities need to called to the location.

2. Do the police still need to be contacted if ESI is responding to the alarm call?
The police will be contacted if the ESI officer determines the alarm was not false.

3. Why should I have ESI respond rather than the police?
Alarm response is a low priority for the police and when the police respond to your false alarm, you may be assessed a fine by the city. ESI has a large number of officers patrolling the area, so your alarm response becomes our number one priority and using ESI as your alarm responder will save you the money normally charged by the police for false alarms.

4. If the police respond to an alarm after ESI has responded am I going to be charged by the city?
When ESI contacts the police and they respond while ESI is there, there will be no charge.

5. Will I be contacted if an alarm goes off?
We recommend that you remain the first person your alarm monitoring company contacts, so you will know that an alarm has gone off and you can disable the alarm if you are present and it is safe to do so.

6. Are the ESI officers trained to handle a real emergency?
All of our ESI officers are well trained and can deal with numerous situations with professionalism and tact.

7. Why choose ESI over another security vendor?
We are the largest locally owned and operated private security firm in the area. We take pride in everything we do and it shows in all aspects of our services. We offer a significant cost savings with unmatched customer service.

Alarm Response