False alarms can happen for many reasons and can be very costly. Using ESI as your alarm responder can significantly reduce the costs that come with false alarms.

When an alarm is triggered on your property, you can choose to have your alarm company contact our 24-hour dispatch center and an ESI officer will be dispatched to inspect your property*. If there is damage or a threat to your property, an officer will secure the area and notify the proper authorities as well as property management. The ESI officer will keep in constant contact with our dispatcher center so they can notify your alarm company of everything that the ESI officer reports. Our dispatch center will notify your alarm company of everything the officer reported. Each time our officers respond to an alarm, they will complete a detailed report, which will be sent to you for your records.

*When the panic/fire or Police button is activated, your alarm company will usually contact the authorities first. Please check with your alarm provider for their policies on the panic/fire or police button.

Alarm Response